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4. Date and Time Incident Occurred:

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5. Symptoms of Incident:

System crashes Operation of a program or sniffer device to capture network traffic
New user accounts/ Accounting discrepancies Unusual time of usage
Failed or successful social engineering attempts An indicated last time of usage of a user account that does not correspond to the     actual last time of usage for that user
New files Unusual usage patterns
Changes in file lengths or dates A system alarm or similar indication from an intrusion detection tool
Attempts to write to system Unusual log file entries
Data modification or deletion Presence of new setuid or setgid files
Denial of service Altered home pages, which are usually the intentional target for visibility, or other pages on the Web server
Unexplained, poor system performance Presence of cracking utilities
Anomalies Activity during non-working hours or holidays
Suspicious probes/Scanning Unaccounted for changes in the DNS tables, router rules, or firewall rules
Suspicious browsing Unexplained elevation or use of privileges
Others (Specify)

6. Type of Incident: *

Phishing Email Spoofing
Virus / Malicious Code Denial of Service
Web Site Defacement Hacked Account
Intrusion Fake Profile
Spam Identity Theft
Sextortion Online Harassment
Others (Specify )

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8. Please submit any information such as logs, IP address/MAC address of affected machine or any other information (N.B: Logs are mandatory in case of scanning incidents):

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9. Agencies Notified?

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